Murray Crawford Photography

Murray Crawford Photography


Take a little slice of heaven home with you

Are you inspired to capture a stunning scene during your travels but the photos don’t do your memory justice? Purchase a stunning photograph of the scene you visited from acclaimed* photographer Murray Crawford’s extensive collection, instead.

Murray travels all over New Zealand and around the world seeking inspiration for new images. As well as Central Otago, he has photographed national parks and urban settings in Australia, America and Canada.

With an artist’s eye for colour and composition and 40 years’ experience, Murray’s photos capture the essence of landscapes, animals and people. His judicious use of computer effects enhances colours while maintaining the integrity of the original image. Some of his photos have even been mistaken for paintings.

Murray’s photos are sold through various NZ boutiques; you can also browse and purchase right here.

Become one of Murray’s thrilled, loyal customers today, you won’t be disappointed.

Prints are generally 12” x 36” and are available framed or unframed.

*2016 Winner: Otago Art Society Photography Exhibition

Murray Crawford Photography